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tv   Newsline  NHK World  July 10, 2014 10:00pm-10:31pm JST

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. . welcome to nhk world "newsline." i'm gene otani in tokyo. here's a look at some of the stories we're following this hour. people across japan are feeling the impact of a severe tropical storm that's triggering landslides and flooding. u.s. and chinese officials wind up their annual talks on strategy and the economy with agreements and differences. palestinian officials say the israeli air strikes on gaza are taking the lives of more civilians.
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severe tropical storm neoguri is lashing the japanese archipelago. weather officials are warning people to be ready for more rain, strong winds and high waves. the storm is being blamed for three deaths. the storm has triggered landslides and flooding across the country. authorities say two people died after falling into irrigation ditches. the storm has injured more than 50 people and flooded hundreds of homes. two rivers overflowed in a city of nagano in yamagata prefecture. >> translator: i was born in 1935, i've experienced floods but i've never seen anything like this before. >> the rain also caused a mudslide. >> translator: i was on the second floor and heard glass shatter loudly. i panicked and ran out of the house as quickly as possible.
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>> this bridge was damaged by heavy rain last year and was being repaired. the beam broke and fell into water. the storm has disrupted flights, train services and electricity supplies across the country. residents of some towns watched and worried as the rain kept falling hour after hour. all that water caused part of a hillside in the central prefecture of nagano to give way. nhk world's kurando tago shows us what happened. >> reporter: you could hear it coming. then this. a torrent of mud rushed down a hillside, scattering uprooted trees and dirt and coating a community. >> translator: the house shook violently. i thought it was an earthquake. i opened the window and saw earth and sound rush into the house, so i held on to a pillar. >> reporter: municipal officials say the mudslide washed away a house.
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a mother and her three sons were inside. one of the boys died. the officials say debris spilled over the banks of another mountain river in the same town. some homes were damaged. people who took shelter in a local elementary school didn't sleep well. over breakfast, they watched tv to get updates on the impact of the storm. >> translator: we've suffered serious damage. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: officials have started on-site investigations to find out the extent of the damage.
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>> translator: i'm saddened by the loss of the 12-year-old child. we have to do everything we can and take all appropriate measures to ensure the safety of residents. >> reporter: authorities are warning people to stay on guard for the coming days. kurando tago, nhk world. workers at japan's crippled nuclear plant are also on guard. they're taking precautions in case the fukushima daiichi site gets hit by heavy rain and powerful winds. crews have pumped rainwater out of barriers surrounding storage tanks for contaminated water. they're concerned the tanks could be leaking and don't want anything radioactive to spill out of the barriers. they've also attached weights to cranes to hold them steady. workers used cranes to clear debris from around the reactor buildings. the nhk world weather team has been tracking neoguri all
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this week. our meteorologist jonathan oh is here to tell us about the rain that will be affecting us in japan. jonathan? >> hello. neoguri continues to make its track. you can see the cloud cover for japan. the bigger story is the rainfall. during the past 24 hours, let me point down towards kyushu, 338 millimeters of rain. 147 to 212 fell in the northern portion of japan. as we look forward into the forecast, rain is going to be even more of a problem. here is a look at the track, east/northeasterly direction at 40 kilometers per hour packing winds at 90 kilometers. it will be a bit breezy. the rainfall is the bigger concern.
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hokkaido is the bigger concern. 250 millimeters of rainfall possible by friday evening. we will have a look at world weather coming up in just a bit. u.s. and chinese officials have agreed to cooperate in measuring north korea into giving up its nuclear program. they remain far apart on cyberand maritime security. the two-day strategic and economic dialogue ended on yours this. u.s. secretary of state, john kerry, and chinese state counselor spoke to reporters in beijing. kerry said the united states and china agreed on the need to denuclearize the korean peninsula as soon as possible. >> we discussed the importance of enforcing u.n. security council resolutions that impose sanctions on north korea's weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missile programs. >> yang said that the denuke
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zation should be done in a peaceful way. on cybersecurity, kerry said the loss of intellectual property through hacking has a thrilling effect on innovation and investment. he said both sides agree to continue discussing the matter. yang showed some restraint on the issue. >> reporter: it's up to the u to create continued conversation. >> yang said the country will defend its territorial sovereignty and interests in marine resources. he said the united states should take a fair and objective stance authorities in north korea are playing up the missile programs. state-run media have published photos of kim jong-un expecting a launch drill. they say kim gave orders to
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fire. the report says the drill took place in what it refers to as the western front. it didn't specify when it was held. analysts believe the images were taken on wednesday when the north koreans fired two short-range ballistic missile s into the sea of japan. the devices took off from the western province of hwanghae. south korean military officials say they were first launches from the area in more than a decade. last week, the north koreans set off devices from a location in the east. military officials say authorities in pyongyang are trying to prove they can fire missiles anywhere at any time. the u.s. state department spokesperson says they are antagonizing their neighbors. >> such provocative actions unilaterally heighten tensions in the region and will not provide north korea with the prosperity and security it claims to seek. indonesia's election has
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left the country in a state of political limbo with both capped dates for president claiming victory. conflicting exit poll results and officials silent on the progress of the vote count are to play. >> on thursday after voting, they were reporting the country's closest ever presidential election. >> reporter: whoever is president, with he hope he can improve our economy, science, politics and culture. >> translator: for me, it doesn't matter who wins but that our country is prosperous and faces no difficulties. >> jar carta governor, joe cowidodo and probowa subianto waged the closest race. both declared victory. the election committee will not announce the official result
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until july 22nd. some are worried that the delay could trigger delay or worse. the outgoing president has waded into the discussion. he met both candidates separately and asked both camps to remain calm. casualties are mounting as israel ramps up its air strikes on the gaza strip. more than 70 people have been killed. they hit at least 100 targets. the major offensive has attacked at least 780 locations, including weapon depos and the homes of leaders of it's islamist militant group, hamas. gaza health officials said a family of 8 died in an attack
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that destroyed their home. 71 people were killed in air strikes and most were civilians. at least 500 were wounded. israeli officials said militants in the gaza strip have fired 365 rockets since tuesday. the rising casualties have sparked clashes between israeli security forces and palestinian protesters in the west back. pro-palestinian demonstrators have rallied in new york urging israel to stop attacking the gaza strip. about 100 people took part in wednesday's protest. they called for the fighting to end immediately. they also demanded that palestinians be freed from israeli occupation. >> i am protesting today because of the collective punishment that is happening against palestinians. >> and the solution is the united states to stop funding the state of israel. >> the u.n. security council will hold an emergency session on thursday to discuss the escalating hostilities. secretary-general ban ki-moon
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and the arab league requested the meeting. >> this is one of the most critical tests the region has faced in recent years. gaza is on a knife edge. >> analysts are waiting to see how the united states will respond. the u.s. has been mediating peace talks between the two sides. former u.s. national security agency contractor, edward snowden, has applied to extend his stay in russia. his current one-year residence permit is about to expire at the end of july. snowden faces criminal charges in the united states for leaking details of highly classified government surveillance programs. last year, he received a temporary permit to stay in russia as a refugee. moscow is expected to extend it. vladm
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vladmir putin rejected our requests to hand over the man. the relations with the u.s. are already strained over the fighting in ukraine. china's exports have an increase as the global economy recovers. exports amounted to $186.8 billion. up 7.2% from june last year. imports rose 5.5 to $155.2 billion. the country's total value of trade in june grew 6.4% to $342 billion. looking at the january to june period, the total value of china's trade was $2 trillion up 1.2% from the same period last year. chinese customs officials
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forecast a larger growth for the second half of this year. they say they expect the economies of industrialized nations to improve further. japanese prime minister shinzo abe is working to boost economic ties with papau new guinea. the final leg of his three-nation tour. abe met with prime minister peter o'neill. the two leaders confirmed by bilateral cooperation for papau new guinea's export of liquefied natural gas to japan which was started last month. abe announced plans for providing papau new guinea $200 million in official development assistance over the coming three years. the aid is for infrastructure and other projects. abe also said his country will help papua, new guinea, and legals and other fields to promote investments from japan. large tech companies are getting more and more concerned about so-called patent trolls. now six of those tech companies including google and japan's canon are forming a network to deal with the problem. patent trolls are businesses that buy patents and then file
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lawsuits against companies claiming infringement. canon executives say this kind of litigation has been on the rise. they say about 6,000 patent cases were filed in the u.s. last year alone. companies in the network which share the right to use each other's patents. canon executives say they'll cooperate with google to increase the number of companies joining the network. investors around the world are drawing on computers that can buy or sell a stock in a millionth of a second. about half of all deals in the u.s. are done using what's called high-frequency trading. critics say some people have made abnormally high gains and they're calling the technology an unfair advantage. nhk world rosa sobrino explains. >> reporter: major stakeholders who testified at a recent senate hearing on high frequency trading took conflicting positions on the issue. >> do you swear that the testimony --
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>> it is one where with increased disclosure and increased transparency, everyone knows how the game works but right now a lot of it is opaque. >> today our equity markets are widely considered to be the most liquid, efficient and competitive in the world. >> reporter: what is the problem with high-frequency trading? some say it might enable predatory trading. imagine investors who try to make a large one-time purchase of a certain stock. to keep the purchase price low, the investors buy through a broker that purchases the stock via several different stock exchanges and trading venues. but the purchases are not completed at the same time. you the first purchase alerts predatory hft traders who have high-speed computer servers and systems. they can figure out the demand and in a fraction of a second, can corner the market. as a result, the price of a stock goes up and the investors must spend more money to complete their purchase.
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>> hi, how are you? >> reporter: a japanese-canadian executive in the finance industry testified at the senate hearing. brad katsuyama plays a key role in the best-selling book about problems with high frequency trading. it was written by author michael lewis. the book sparked heated debates on wall street. katsuyama founded a new training venue last fall to help reform the market. on his company's trading platform, transaction speeds are limited to prevent predatory, high-speed traders from exploiting the system. >> the market has to be fairer, it has to be stable, and it has to be relatively simple so that the most people can get the most, you know, value from that marketplace. technology has delivered huge benefits, but those benefits have been dampened by the fact that the market has, in a way, disadvantaged certain people.
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>> reporter: not all high frequency trading strategies are bad for the market but questions remain about how to make the system more transparent and fair. rosa sabrino, nhk world, new york. in tokyo, one out of every four trades is said to be high frequency. since april, government leaders in europe have been implementing restrictions on securities firms that use the practice. they include forcing companies to report high frequency trading. here are the latest market figures.
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people in china have been struggling with record levels of pollution as a result of industrial growth. recently, the government announced plans to combat contaminated soil and entrepreneurs are hoping to cash in creating new cleaning businesses. nhk world takashi togai reports. >> reporter: residents of the eastern chinese city of hangzhou noticed a new piece of architecture. the massive white dome. it covers some 20,000 square meters and cost $2 million. it stands on the former site of an agricultural chemical and pesticide factory. the building was demolished in 2009. but the soil was found to be highly toxic.
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workers have begun decontamination. the purpose of the dome is to contain dust and foul smell. >> translator: i pass by here every day and it really stinks. >> translator: i hope they get rid of the stench as soon as possible and bring it under control. >> reporter: a nationwide survey began in 2005. the results were released in april. more than 16% of farm-run and construction sites have levels of soil pollution above the official limit. 34% of former factory sites also have polluted soil. but a lawyer who specializes in the parliament said the report reflects only a fraction of the findings.
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>> translator: we cannot say the report this time offers an accurate description of the facts about china's current state of soil pollution. contamination is underreported compared to real conditions. >> reporter: some places get more attention than others. the shanghai government is paying for soil cleansing project at the future site of mainland china's first disney resort. it is scheduled to open at the end of 2015. there used to be a chemical factory and a printing plant here. when they closed, they left their soil poisoned with heavy metals and other substances.
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but this kind of pollution damage is providing opportunities for some companies. a major trade show was held in shanghai in may. about 1,000 businesses from china and others took part. one industry source predicts that the chinese market for cleaning contaminated sites will grow to an annual $20 billion by 2020. this man represents a japanese/chinese soil treatment venture. he said their competition is already heating up. he believes the field will expand rapidly with many opportunities for japanese know-how. >> translator: there's no time like now to pitch our technologies and achievements to perspective customers. >> reporter: chinese people are increasingly concerned about the
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health affects of environmental damage. more companies are seeing the benefits of helping to clean up pollution. nhk world. one of japan's most renewed musicians is stepping out of the spotlight for the sake of his health. ryuichi sakamoto is putting performances on hold because he's being treated for cancer. sakamoto got the diagnosis last month. he went to his doctor because he felt something strange in his throat. sakamoto became an international star in the 1970s as a member of the electropop group yellow magic orchestra. he later made a name for himself as a movie composer. he won an oscar and a grammy in 1987 for "the last emperor."
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sakamoto says he won't be performing during his treatment, but will be composing. our meteorologist jonathan oh is back with the rest of the world weather. jonathan? >> hello. let's again with a look at europe. we have a couple of low pressure systems that continue to swirl over the center of the continent. there really isn't a forcing mechanism to push these systems along. what that means, as it continues to dump rain over germany and italy, it will stay in place and continue to bring more rain as we progress through the rest of the week and into the weekend. you can see here the low that stretches all the way into germany, poland and now another low down toward the balkan peninsula. high pressure up north creating a little bit of a cool air clash with these two sis stills. looking out for the possibility of severe weather into germany and poland. the possibility extends all the way into russia and also down into the bull can peninsula.
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on wednesday, there was a bunch of rain in germany, about 50 millimeters in a 24-hour period. more rain is expected. as we go into friday, no the a lot of forcing to change the weather scenario. rain continues into moscow and kiev. warmer down towards the iberian peninsula. here is a look at the americas. we do have a cold front that's draped all the way down into the deep south. it is becoming stationary. it looks like for the next couple of days, you will be dealing with rain and thunderstorms. the high pressure from the south bringing in the warm moisture. height pressure in the north bringing down the cooler weather. that line of difference is where we are going to see those thunderstorms. we have low pressure also developing in the rocky mountains. that's going to bring some instability into the dakotas and nebraska going throughout thursday and into friday. here is a look at the forecast. rain really spreading across the eastern seaboard. eventually, that will depart by the weekend. in the meantime, still dealing
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with rain and thunderstorms. new york, high of 29. 29, d.c., 30. in atlanta, chicago, toronto, atlanta, and winnipeg seeing some pleasant conditions. temperatures into the 20s. let's wrap things up with a look at asia. neoguri continues to bring rain and intd rakt with the rainy season front. flooding and landslides potential exists. down into the basecy, we are ekt pegging 120 millimeters of rainfall. flooding landslides are also a problem there. we are keeping an eye out for this tropical depression south of guam. it is going to eventually move. we are going to see what kind of land impacts we will have next week. for the next few days, it won't be as much of a big deal. the rainy system continues. you will be dealing with rain and thunderstorms with highs in the 30s. hope you have a good day wherever you are. here is your extended outlook.
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and that's "newsline" for this hour. i'm gene otani in tokyo. -- captions by vitac --
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